Overlays are the best way to add a touch of elegance to your reception. Our overlay styles feature everything from floaty organza and sparkling crystals, to detailed embroidery and unique textures. Overlays are the perfect accent for cake and gift tables, and can easily be incorporated into head table designs. Overlays certainly make a statement, and will make your reception all the more memorable.


Pearl Organza Overlays
Pearl Black Overlay
Silver Pearl Organza
Dark Gold Pearl
Fuchsia Pearl Overlay
Silver Pearl Organza Overlay
Dark Gold Pearl Organza Overlay
Fuchsia Pearl Organza Overlay
Lime Pearl Organza
Royal Blue Pearl
Black Pearl Overlay
Lime Pearl Organza Overlay
Royal Blue Pearl Organza Overal
Black Pearl Organza Overlay


Floral Sequin Organza Overlay
Pink Floral Sequin
Turqoise Floral Sequin
Pink Floral Sequin Overlay
Plum Floral Sequin Overlay
Turquoise Floral Sequin Overlay
Baby Blue Floral Sequin
Brown Floral Sequin
Gold Floral Sequin
Baby Blue Sequin Overlay
Brown Floral Sequin Overlay
Gold Floral Sequin Overlay


Sheer Organza Overlay
Champagne Organza Chocolate Organza Dark Burgundy Organza Dark Yellow Organza
Lime Organza Mauve Organza Ocean Blue Organza Platinum Organza
Plum Organza Raspberry Organza Red Organza Rust Organza